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Professional Shadow Brush

  • $65
    More Details Le Metier de Beaute Eye Shadow Brush DetailsThat perfect look requires the right tools. Crafted by master artistans, Le Mtier de Beaut's Brush Collection includes the tools every woman needs for exemplary professional cosmetic application. Each brush was carefully designed with traditional Japanese brush-making techniques, innovative technology and high quality materials. Mimic professional ...
  • $26
    More Details Able to sweep shadow across the eyelid for a flawless, professional look. Improved hair quality picks up more eye shadow pigment.
  • $34
    More Details Marc Jacobs The Shadow Eyeshadow Brush DetailsA professional eyeshadow brush to effortlessly apply and blend eye shades for runway-ready eye looks. What it Does: Bring out the boldness in your eyeshadows with just a sweep of this professional The Shadow Brush. Designed for the perfect pigment pickup and laydown, the jet-black bristles and fanned shape evenly deposit and distribute color. ...
  • $38
    More Details Trish McEvoy Brush #45, Sheer Application Brush DetailsTrish's Sheer Application Brush is designed to deliver a sheer wash of color to the eyes or high apples of the cheeks. Handcrafted for exquisite quality and durability, the precision cut yields technically perfect results. How to use: Tap off excess and test the color on the back of your hand to ensure ...
  • $28
    More Details Handcrafted for exquisite quality and durability. Precision-cut for technically perfect results. Brass ferrules.
  • $21
    More Details Clinique Eye Definer Brush DetailsDual purpose brush. Professional control. Firm, angled bristles are designed for soft yet accurate lining. Provides expert control for precise application. Clinique's unique, long-lasting antibacterial technology helps ensure a high level of hygiene. How to use: Work shadow into base of lashes and smudge. Continue all along lashline with short, even strokes.
  • $37
    More Details Trish McEvoy Angled Eye Brush #23 DetailsTrish's Brush 23 Angled Crease Contour is dual-purpose designed to deliver a full-coverage eye shadow application with its flat side and crease contour with the angled tip. Handcrafted for exquisite quality and durability. Precision-cut for technically perfect results. Brass ferrules. Designer About Trish McEvoy: Dedicated to teaching women her ...