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Essential Oils Moisture Care

  • $34
    More Details Jack Black Epic Moisture MP 10 Nourishing Oil, 2 oz. DetailsJack Black's MP 10 offers 10 multipurpose benefits for skin and hair. This sheer, multitasking oil provides immediate benefits to skin and hair. The lightweight, quick-penetrating blend of 10 natural oils infuses skin and hair with intensive moisture plus potent antioxidants, essential nutrients and fatty acids for a healthy, ...
  • $105
    More Details UMA Oils Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Oil, 0.5 oz./ 15 mL DetailsThis nourishing Ayurvedic formula harnesses the power of Eastern medicine to deliver lasting moisture and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. Revitalizing frankincense and sandalwood essential oils prevent signs of aging, as rich rose essential oil deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Geranium essential oil ...
  • $235
    More Details Sisley-Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil, 25 mL DetailsBlack Rose Precious Face Oil is a satin-smooth dry oil that prepares, nourishes and has an anti-aging effect. An essential in the daily care of dry or mature skin, this product contains Black Rose oil and an exquisite combination of essences and natural active ingredients with skin-repairing and stimulating properties. How to ...
  • $130
    More Details Ginseng seed oil, an ingredient carefully derived from precious ginseng seeds, helps strengthen the barrier to retain moisture for glowing, smooth skin. The superior antioxidant properties of Camellia oil blended with essential oils pressed from sesame seeds strengthen the barrier and leave the skin glowing and supple.
  • $175
    More Details Catalyzes natural skin processes for revitalized, firm, and full skin. Diminishes fine lines, age spots, and visible signs of aging with vitamin-rich botanicals. Provides rich moisture and enhances elasticity, to prevent wrinkles and dryness. Balances and softens skin texture for a visible glow.
  • $125
    More Details Combats blemish-causing impurities on the skin with botanical agents. Moisturizes skin as it balances its natural oil producing functions, minimizing excess oil without causing dryness. Maintains natural sebum production to prevent drying and breakage. Provides natural barrier from environmental pollutants and impurities that would otherwise penetrate the skin.
  • $150
    More Details Encourages rapid skin revitalization and delivers an even complexion. Moisturizes and softens, to minimize the appearance of fine lines and provide smooth, supple skin. Combats variances in tone and texture while diminishing impurities. Unique overnight anti-aging formula provides dramatic improvements in hydration, clarity, and overall appearance after each use.
  • $125
    More Details Neutralizes free radicals with an antioxidant-rich blend. Creates a barrier to prevent moisture from leaving and environmental pollutants from entering skin. Delivers nutrition to skin immediately and can be worn underneath makeup. Minimizes redness for instantly brighter skin.
  • $185
    More Details Lancome Absolue Precious Oil, 30 mL DetailsAbsolue Precious Oil is our new, multi-solution texture that reveals the vital force of the Golden Glow. A beautiful alchemy combining Rose Essential Oil and 7 Botanical Oils lies at the heart of the formula. By combining their varied properties, Lancme has found the perfect blend to nurture and revitalize the skin, reviving its ...
  • $58
    More Details In the evening after cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to a damp face and neck. Gently dab face with a soft tissue to remove any excess. Or, add a drop or two to your night cream to restore balance to dry, irritated, stressed skin. Precautions: Avoid eye contours. Ingredients: Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Cardamon, and Lavender: Tone, soothe, ...
  • $25
    More Details Jack Black Beard Oil, 1 oz. DetailsEnhance the appearance of your beard and the condition of the skin underneath with this exclusive blend of certified organic natural oils, potent antioxidants and vitamins. Specially formulated to treat skin and prevent irritation caused by dryness, ingrown hairs and bacteria. Made with 100% pure essential oils. Kalahari Melon Oil, found in the Kalahari ...
  • $68
    More Details Energizes the look of the skin for a brighter, more radiant appearance. Delivers a revitalizing effect to the skin for a firmer and more lifted look. Delivers high-performance moisture and supports barrier protection. INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: Brown Algae Extract helps reduce the appearance of dullness and fatigue for a toned, radiant look. Camellia Flower Oil works to moisturize the skin with ...
  • $128
    More Details Exfoliates: Lime Pearl: The natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids gently exfoliates for smoother, brighter skin while helping to improve treatment absorption. Helps Support Collagen and Elastin: Juvenessence: An algae extract that encourages firmer looking and feeling skin. Vitamin A: A plant-derived retinoid that helps nourish skin's health. Lessens Environmental Effects: BioPlasma: A marine ...
  • $72
    More Details Apply a small amount to face and neck. Massage gently. Benefits: Delivers Radiant glowing skin. Leaves skin renewed and strengthened. Replenishes essential hydration.
  • $50
    More Details FACE: strengthens skin's barrier, nourishes skin for improved radiance instantly and overtime, protects skin from future dehydration. BODY: strengthens Skin's barrier, nourishes, softens skin and protects it against future moisture loss, improves radiance. HAIR: prevents breakage, restores brilliance and transforms dull hair with a healthy, lustrous shine.
  • $155
    More Details Apply a small amount to clean,dry skin, sweeping over the face and neck in upward strokes. Use in the evening just before you go to sleep.
  • $60
    More Details TOM FORD for Men Skin Calming Complex TOM FORD Purifying Complex
  • $95
    More Details Massage onto damp skin day and night. Ingredients: Rose de Mai Pure Extract: From the rare Rose de Mai, which blooms for three weeks only during the month of May in Grasse, France. This key ingredient possesses anti- oxidant properties. Rose Hip Oil: A natural source of Vit C and E with regenerative and restructuring properties. Primrose Oil: Rich in ...