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SK-II at Bergdorf Goodman

Feeling confident in and about your skin can make a world of difference, and the award-winning skin care products offered from SK-II at Bergdorf Goodman are made to do just that. With skin care items like eye creams, facial treatment cleansers, lotions, cleansing oils, reviving masks, and more, you’ll be delighted to introduce these luxurious products into your self-care routine. SK-II made its mark in the beauty industry with the creation of its most valuable trade secret ingredient, PITERA™ — an ingredient derived from nature and perfected by advanced technology to help hydrate, firm, and rejuvenate your skin. Receive all your radiant skin essentials with the Pitera Power kit, a powerful assortment that includes samples of the SK-II foaming cleanser, light moisturizer, and facial treatment essence — your tools for radiant, soft skin. Easily remove makeup after a long day or night out with the SK-II facial cleanser, a creamy formula that removes embedded impurities to leave your skin feeling conditioned and looking supple. Transform your skin with SK-II’s essence known as “Miracle Water,” thanks to its powerful formula that's capable of moisturizing, softening, reducing dark spots and fine lines, enhancing radiance, and much more. No skin care routine is complete without a super hydrating moisturizer. SK-II’s SKINPOWER Airy Milky lotion encompasses an airy-light formula designed to lock in moisture and recharge your skin’s natural radiance. When in search for the best products in skin care, look no further than the luxe offerings of SK-II at Bergdorf Goodman.