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SLVRLAKE at Bergdorf Goodman

Slvrlake cofounder Louise Edgley found herself on the hunt for her idea of the perfect pair of jeans, but kept coming up empty handed. If they fit her well, the wash was wrong, or if the wash was right, the back pockets weren’t placed correctly. Her background in the denim industry gave her some pretty exacting standards, so after the repeated frustration of not finding that Goldilocks just-right pair, she decided to make them. Apparently good jeans run in the family, because her husband Gary just happened to significant denim industry experience of his own. Formerly the director of denim buying for multiple high-end English retailers, Gary immediately hopped on board as Louise’s cofounder, and together they set out to create a < a href="">premium denim brand of their own. Based out of and manufactured in Los Angeles, SLVRLAKE jeans draw inspiration from their home town, mixing the essence of current day LA with nods to the past for a timeless look. Edgley cites the photography of Peter Lindbergh and Herb Ritts as another inspiration, specifically their work with the supermodels of the 90s. Exuding the utmost confidence while clad only in jeans, a plain white tee, and sneakers, the girls looked powerful in their minimalist garb—exactly how the SLVRLAKE brand wants you to feel in their denim. As much inspiration as they may draw from eras gone by, the look isn’t strictly vintage, instead combining cuts and technology that marry the past and present. Dubbed "premium vintage," SLVRLAKE open-weave denim was developed by the couple in an Italian textile mill, engineered to take a wide variety of indigo denim washes while delivering a soft hand that’s a joy to wear. Shop the collection of SLVRLAKE denim jeans at Neiman Marcus to find out what sets the brand apart.