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Proenza Schouler White Label

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Proenza Schouler White Label at Bergdorf Goodman

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough met at Parsons, becoming friends through their time at the design school. This ultimately resulted in their decision to do a collaborative senior thesis, and it was this body of work that formed the basis for their brand. In homage to the women that raised them, they elected to use a combination of their mothers’ maiden names, dubbing themselves Proenza Schouler ahead of their first collection. That first collection made a splash and was bought for retail, filling high-end clothing stores with stunning creations bearing the little black Proenza Schouler label. As the brand grew up, the designers noticed that their clientele were growing up, too. Launched when they were 22, many of their die-hard fans were in the same age range, and by 2019 were having kids, growing their careers, and not partying as hard as they once did. Never ones to back down from a challenge, McCollough and Hernandez set out to create a line for everyday life, where the skirts tend to be longer and the heels shorter. In contrast to their original black label, they decided to differentiate the new line by giving it white labels, and thus Proenza Schouler White Label was born. Designed with a more relaxed and less structured fit, Proenza Schouler White Label clothing is made to live your life in, yet retains the downtown-cool essence Proenza Schouler clothing is known for. From faux leather midi skirts to sleeveless knit dresses, White Label Proenza Schouler pieces still look at home trotting around Manhattan, but they won’t look out of place in Westport, either. Shop the collection of Proenza Schouler White Label tops, dresses and more at Bergdorf Goodman to find pieces to take you from work to the weekend and beyond.