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Mignonne Gavigan

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Mignonne Gavigan Jewelry

The catalyst for Mignonne Gavigan’s eponymous line of ethereally whimsical jewelry was the realization that beading and fringe aren’t just for couture gowns. The designer’s first necklace was a piece of embellished fabric that fell from a vintage beaded gown, garnering instant attention and sparking her creative ingenuity. Mignonne Gavigan’s jewelry has flourished in the years since, designing a complete line of scarf necklaces, fringe statement pieces, tasseled and winged earrings, and other beaded masterpieces. All jewelry is handmade in India by skilled artisans who use couture construction elements to create unique pieces that are like wearable art. Shop a selection of necklaces and earrings by Mignonne Gavigan at Bergdorf Goodman.