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Manolo Blahnik

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Women’s Manolo Blahnik Shoes at Bergdorf Goodman

In the world of high-end women’s footwear, few shoes have the cachet of Manolo Blahnik heels. You’ll find references to the iconic brand peppered throughout pop culture, where it appears in the pages of books, in song lyrics, and on screens and stages. This is no small feat, especially considering the fact that Mr. Blahnik started out with no formal training in footwear design or experience as a shoemaker! Though not formally trained, he spent plenty of time around people practicing the craft, and this immersive style of learning suited him well. Combining what he learned with his innate creativity, Blahnik began his journey, and the style he developed then continues to influence the Manolo Blahnik shoes of today. The Bergdorf Goodman edit of Manolo Blahnik women’s shoes showcases the brand’s mastery of an array of styles, all with the feminine flourish the brand has become known for. The elegant stiletto heel of Manolo Blahnik pumps features heavily, but the brand has so much more to offer. Designer leather sandals make an appearance, some in that signature stiletto silhouette, others with a bold block heel or no heel at all. Embellished ballet flats are another gorgeous option for flat shoes, and a pair with a delicate pointed toe is every bit as chic as its high-heeled counterparts. Manolo Blahnik boots also appear in the lineup, made in different shaft heights and heel styles to complete any ensemble. Shop these styles and other exciting finds in the collection of Manolo Blahnik women’s shoes at Bergdorf Goodman.