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House of Sillage

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House of Sillage Fragrances

House of Sillage is a perfumery founded by Nicole Mather, an entrepreneur who immersed herself in the tradition of fine perfumes after discovering her passion. Award-winning fragrances from House of Sillage seek to transport the wearer to another place in time, with lush, unctuous notes that envelop and enchant. The bottles are treasures on their own, bejeweled cupcake-shaped masterpieces that reflect the rare and exotic scents within. Thoughtful packaging makes House of Sillage perfumes ideal gifts, whether you’re treating yourself or someone else. Plus, scents are available in travel sets, with an enamel case studded in diamond-cut crystals included. Shop a selection of fine fragrances from House of Sillage at Bergdorf Goodman.