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Guerlain Perfume, Skincare & Makeup at Bergdorf Goodman

Beginning as a small perfume business, Parisian beauty label Guerlain was founded in 1828 by Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain. Having formulated an impressive catalogue of beloved creations, including the world-renowned Shalimar fragrance and Terracotta bronzing collection, it’s Guerlain’s innovative approach to creating new products with a timeless quality that ensures the beauty house’s place as one of Paris’ most famous exports. Alongside an exquisite collection of women’s and men’s fragrances, Guerlain makeup comprises beautifully-crafted cosmetics to help you achieve a radiant complexion that brings out your natural beauty. As luxurious as skincare comes, Guerlain’s lineup of replenishing formulas combines advanced technology with centuries of beauty expertise. Guerlain cosmetics are often housed in gleaming gold packaging that’ll look simply stunning amongst the rest of your beauty products. This beauty-conscious company is also committed to formulating more planet-friendly makeup, including their Project Earth refillables. Most well known throughout the Guerlain beauty line is their Terracotta range, featuring stunning summer essentials like bronzing powders designed to add warmth and definition to the skin. For extra coverage, browse through pore-smoothing foundations, or take a peek at moisturizing lotions to help you maintain a dewy look. From floral notes of jasmine, bergamot, and rose throughout Guerlain’s fragrance lines, to deep roughe lipsticks in makeup, you’ll love to discover new luxury beauty from Guerlain at Bergdorf Goodman.