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Daum Glassworks Collection

In 1878, Jean Daum founded his eponymous crystal studio in Nancy, France. In the years since, Daum has maintained its excellent reputation as a premier maker of glassworks, crystal figurines, and home decor. Each vase, figurine, and sculpture is crafted by hand using a multi-step process. Every piece begins with a hand-sculpted mold, so no two are alike. When the mold is ready, it’s carefully filled with crystal fragments in different colors (known as groisil), before being placed in a kiln for ten days. The crystals melt slowly and evenly, resulting in exquisitely detailed and richly colored works of art. Figures and dishes from Daum are iconic and stunning, making the perfect gift. Shop a selection of statues and figurines by Daum at Bergdorf Goodman.