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Comme des Garcons

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Comme des Garcons at Bergdorf Goodman

The inimitable designs of the Rei Kawakubo-founded Comme des Gar�ons clothing label have been making waves for nearly half a century, which may come as something of a surprise given that the clothing still looks as of-the-moment as it ever did. Known for gratuitous use of black and designs with a subtle punk edge, the Japanese fashion label has found a natural affinity with boundary-pushing artists and fashion enthusiasts. Perfectly at home in the world of high fashion, the label has morphed and expanded over time, notably with the recognizable Comme des Gar�ons Play line of luxury casual clothing, complete with a Converse sneaker collaboration adorned with the Play heart. Not content to stop at apparel, Comme des Gar�ons also has a robust line of fragrances that continue the theme of refined edge the label is known for, incorporating fragrance classics like cedarwood and oud with unlikely candidates like photocopier toner and the unmistakable scent of nail polish. Accessories have also gotten the Comme des Gar�ons treatment, where you’ll find wallets, belts, and more emblazoned with the label’s logo in bold type. Not for the faint of heart, this is a label to wear when you’re ready to step out with confidence, and we’ve curated an extensive edit right here at Bergdorf Goodman.