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Luxury Concealers at Bergdorf Goodman

Whether you’re applying a full face of glam makeup or going for a more natural look, concealer is an essential step in any beauty routine. Going on after (or before, depending on your preference) foundation and before setting powder, its key job is to cover under-eye circles, pimples, dark spots, and scars — but it goes beyond just masking blemishes! Some concealers play double duty and can be used as highlighters, whether on the bridge of the nose, lower forehead, cupid’s bow, upper cheekbones, brow bone, or chin. While varying skin types and specific occasions call for different concealers, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose one that blends in easily into your skin for smooth, even coverage. Our selection of the top luxury concealers at Bergdorf Goodman has you covered. Looking to cover blemishes? Opt for a salicylic acid concealer formulated to unclog pores. For mature skin types, look for one with sheer coverage that won’t settle into wrinkles or fine lines, but instead offer a radiant glow. DIOR concealers are tried-and-true favorites that effortlessly make the skin glow while being pigmented enough to use as a foundation. Choose a long-lasting concealer for occasions like weddings or to beat the heat and keep your makeup intact. As far as what to apply your concealer with, lightly dabbing with clean fingers helps the product melt into the skin, while a damp makeup sponge or concealer brush allow for easy buffing. Explore our curated assortment of the best-selling designer concealers today and be on your way to flawless skin in no time.