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Artificial Essential Oils Spray

  • $175
    More Details Kilian Liaisons Dangereuse, Typical Me Travel Spray Details A fragrance inspired by Plum from Damascus, a delicate fruit with a smooth note redolent of an alcove inhabited by languid lovers. Rich and complex, this fragrance has the heady charm of alcoholic vapours. At the heart of the fragrance, the floral breath of Egyptian Geranium is warmed by Cinnamon from Ceylon. ...
  • $175
    More Details Kilian Back to Black, Aphrodisisac Travel Spray Details A tobacco composition built on notes that range from honey and fruits, to woods and ambers. The freshness of the Bergamot contrasted by the heat of the spicesNutmeg, Cardamom and Coriandercreates an elegant yet unusual opening. A touch of fruitRaspberryand a hint of aromatic noteBlue Chamomileaccentuate the originality of the top. The ...
  • $175
    More Details Kilian Love, Don't Be Shy Travel Spray Details An inspiration from the Marshmallow. Taking inspiration from the Marshmallow, this fragrance is a sweet treat for sensuous connoisseurs. Atfirst soft and tender, it unfolds into the intensity that graces truly great seductresses. Top notes of glorious Neroli are like a shy, tentative kiss given by fresh lips. At the heart of ...