Aenea Modern Shield, 1.0 oz./ 30 mL

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Aenea Modern Shield, 1.0 oz./ 30 mL


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Life is sometimes complicated for our skin to deal with. Step out of the door and ever changing weather—sharp sudden bursts of sunlight followed by low-lying clouds for example—can create situations where our skin is damaged by the sun's rays one minute and then absorbing pollutants from traffic fumes the next.

When we're outside our skin is exposed to the sun's damaging rays, but also to the exhaust gases from cars, and the chemicals produced by industrial and urban environments. When we're inside, the exposure to cigarettes, dust particles, and other indoor pollutants is equally damaging.

Pollution stress is a known cause of inflamed skin as it affects the skin's integrity and damages the collagen and elastin. The result is a stressed complexion, with a loss of radiance and firmness, and deeper wrinkles.

A lightweight serum created using the science of epigenetics, AENEA Modern Shield is able to offer daily protection from environmental aggressors, particularly UV light, but it also helps protect skin from internal pollutants like the high energy visible light from computers and tablet screens. Think of it as your daily ally against indoor and outdoor pollution.

How It Works:
  • Ormesia is the active ingredient found in AENEA Modern Shield, with extraordinary powers to protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollutants. Derived from a climbing vine native to South America, the Maracuja plant is well known for its fruits which are used in food and medicine. It's better known as the passion flower, and loved for its beauty, juice and scent.
  • Rich in antioxidants, the Maracuja plant oil has the ability to strengthen the skin's fibroblasts, increasing the elastin and collagen found naturally in the skin, and making it more able to withstand aggression.
  • Offering protection from airborne pollutants, it also detoxifies and prevents against sun damage, activating your skin's self-defense mechanisms and revealing its natural radiance. Crucially it also helps to inhibit the skin's natural reactions to high energy visible light from our computers and supports the cell's DNA.
How To Use:
  • AENEA Modern Shield is the last thing you should apply underneath make-up and needs to be worn in the day only.
  • Take it with you wherever you go and top up as needed, particularly on days when sun exposure is strong.
  • Wear in conjunction with the other AENEA protectors (AENEA Anti-Pollution Guardian, AENEA Anti-Stress Super Hero and AENEA Lifestyle Enhancer) if desired, but always as the last step of your routine.
  • If wearing as a sunscreen in full sun exposure, you will need to apply more liberally, and repeat after swimming or active sports.
1.0 oz./ 30 mL