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Silky Oil Moisturizer

  • $175
    More Details Sisley-Paris
    Botanical Moisturizer with Cucumber
    • Fine, fluid, silky cream.
    • Revitalizing and re-mineralizing properties, thanks to cucumber (rich in amino acids and mineral salts).
    • Rapidly absorbs.
    • Leaves an invisible protective film on the skin.
    • Use morning and night, and as a makeup base.
    • 1.5-ounce jar.
  • $85
    More Details Giorgio Armani
    Crema Nera Extrema Cleansing Gel Moisturizer, 150ml
    DetailsArmani Beauty Crema Nera Extrema Cleansing Moisturizer: The first silky gel-in-oil cleanser to capture 100% of skin's impurities. Utilizes black cumin oil droplets to protect against rough, dry skin. Spreads gently and can be used on wet skin.

    150ml/5 fl. oz.Designer