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Shiseido Brush

  • $35
    More Details Cle De Peau Concealer Brush DetailsDesigned specifically for concealer, this elegant brush is shaped for ease of use and detail-oriented application on all types of skin discoloration. Refined brush hairs insure perfect adherence of concealer to even the smallest flaws. Ideal for the most delicate skin, especially around the eyes. Employed Kumano Brush with a 78-year-long tradition. Created ...
  • $50
    More Details Cle de Peau Beaute Brush (Powder & Cream Blush) DetailsA state-of-the-art blush brush meticulously crafted to perfect the application of cream and powder blushes for an exquisite, natural-looking application. Handcrafted in the renowned brush-making town of Kumano, Japan. Use with powder blush or cream blush. Designer
  • $40
    More Details Cle De Peau
    Powder Blush Case & Brush
    DetailsCase and brush designed specifically for powder blush duo.

    Please note: Set includes compact case and brush. Blush filler is not included. Designer
  • $45
    More Details Cle De Peau Foundation Brush DetailsAn exquisite makeup brush designed specifically for foundation. Each individual brush hair is meticulously crafted to allow for the uniform application of foundation, caressing skin to create a veil of light for a radiantly perfect finish. Just applying makeup is now a work of artistry. Created with Kumano Brush and handcrafted one by one with ...
  • $25
    More Details Cle De Peau
    Radiant Powder Foundation Brush
    DetailsA luxuriously soft foundation brush that allows for more even and radiant application of powder foundation.

    Bristles and cut design create two different finishes: either a polished glowing finish (use patting motion with tip of brush) or a soft natural finish (use broad sweeping motion).Designer