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Lancome Powder Makeup

  • $32
    More Details Lancome Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush DetailsA sparkling shimmer of colour for a radiant glow. Silky soft, micro-bubble formula glides on easily and evenly. Lasts for hours. Oil-free and oil-absorbing, yet moisture-balancing. Perfect for all skin types. View How to Get Chic Cheeks Designer
  • $48
    More Details Lancome Powder #1 Brush Details Dip the brush into the powder and remove excess. Sweep the brush around the perimeter of the face and back toward the hairline. Finish with downward strokes, including the t-zone. Backstage Beauty Tip: If you have dry skin, target powder application to t-zone area only.Designer
  • $20
    More Details Lancome Color Design Eye Shadow, Shimmer Finish DetailsExclusive range with multiple finishes has amazing smooth feel, extended wear, and a new sleek sliding compact. Created by Lancôme's makeup artists in an array of effects: from fully loaded, color-intense mattes to highly reflective metallics. Air Jetfine® micro-aired powder technology offers smoothness and blendability.Designer
  • $42
    More Details Lancome Star Bronzer Palette DetailsArtistry Made Easy: Star Bronzer Palette offers 3 simple steps to tan, blush and highlight your compexion. For any skintone, any face shape - your tan is magnified. The 3 powder formulas are silky for a smooth and even application. They blend seamlessly, and build from sheer to intense coverage. Add instant color, shimmer and healthy ...
  • $37
    More Details Lancome Bronzer Mineral Brush #100 Details Synthetic bristles for any Lancome bronzer or mineral powder Ease of application sets makeup for a flawless finish Technology Improved design with sleek black handle Hair quality reduces fall out Rounded shape for better application Technology Improved design with sleek black handle Hair quality reduces fall out Rounded shape for better application ...
  • $27
    More Details Lancome Highlighting #3 Brush Details For color or highlighter application: Dip bristled head into powder and tap off excess. Use as a traditional powder or blush brush, either in sweeping strokes towards the temples, or in a circular motion on the apples of cheeks. For softening or buffing effect: First ensure brush is free of color. Using bristle tips only—blend ...
  • $48
    More Details Lancome Precision Cheek #7 Brush Details For a blushing effect: Dip the flat end of the brush into the color. Tap off the excess. Smile and apply to apples of cheeks, blending up along the cheekbone toward the hairline. For a contouring effect: Dip the rim of brush into the color. Apply color directly under cheekbone. Use rim of blush ...
  • $43
    More Details Lancome Cheek #6 Brush Details Sweep brush across cheek color. Tap off excess. Smile to locate the apple of the cheek. Beginning at the outer edge of the apple, apply color long cheekbone toward the hairline. Use brush to blend in color with short, vertical strokes. Backstage Beauty Tip: Use to powder a more petite face or maneuver around the ...
  • $40
    More Details Lancome Cheek & Contour Brush #25 Details To sculpt and slim the face, use the flat, circular tip and apply product from the top of the cheekbone, and blend downward in a sweeping motion, ending underneath the center of the cheekbone. For a blushing effect, apply color on the flat portion of the oval-shaped side of the brush. Smile and ...