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La Prairie Anti Aging Cream

  • $250
    More Details La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. Details Helps slim and re-shape the chin and neck area. Boosts skin function to help restore density, firmness, elasticity and texture with a youth-restoring complex and an advanced peptide. Renews skin hydration system to increase moisture retention. Helps reduce age spots and promotes even skin tone through an anti-pigmentation complex. 1.7 fl. oz./ ...
  • $185
    More Details La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream Sunscreen SPF 15, 0.5 oz. Details Lightweight protective eye cream controls dehydration and decreases the appearance of crisscross lines and wrinkles. Powerful anti-aging cream for the delicate skin around the eyes. Let Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 shield your most vulnerable skin with eye-specific sun care and powerful antioxidants. This advanced eye cream also ...
  • $415
    More Details La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare, 0.67 oz. Details Brightens and minimizes under-eye darkness Tightens and lifts while reducing under-eye puffiness with a natural tensing agent Gives instant luminosity for a radiant look Balances skin for optimal nutrient delivery while decelerating skin aging 20 mL/ 0.67 oz. 20 mL/ 0.68 oz.Designer
  • $115
    More Details La Prairie Cellular Hand Cream, 3.4 oz. DetailsHands reveal the world about you. Give them the luxurious care they deserve, with Cellular Hand Cream, a deeply moisturizing hand treatment. It provides gentle exfoliation for renewed softness while helping to diminish age spots and improving the skin's firmness and elasticity. Its action comes from a revitalizing blend of marine-derived ...
  • $330
    More Details La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Souffle Body Cream, 5.0 oz. DetailsLa Prairie understands that your body's complexion is as important as that of your face. Now in one step, after showering or bathing, you can make up for years of "benign neglect" with a lavish, benefits-intensive, sensuous formula that has a whisper weight yet opulent and luxurious. Skin Caviar Luxe ...
  • $205
    More Details La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye/Lip Contour Cream, 0.67 oz. Details Smoothes lines and wrinkles in eye and lip contour areas. Softens laugh lines. Minimizes the appearance of dark circles and the feeling of puffiness. Helps reduce age-related lost volume around eyes and mouth. Natural oils and extracts hydrate to eliminate signs of stress and fatigue. Slows oxidative damage to prevent further ...
  • $155
    More Details La Prairie
    Cellular Eye Contour Cream, 0.5 oz.
    • Smooth and firm the delicate eye area with this intensive cream.
    • Minimizes the appearance of fine, dry lines while strengthening fragile skin and reducing puffiness.
    • Also ensures beautiful skin to come by improving respiration and cell renewal.
    15 mL/ 0.5 fl. oz.

  • $385
    More Details La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream, 0.68 oz. Details Helps to detoxify and boost micro-circulation to help brighten under eye darkness. Helps to diminish under eye puffiness and gives a relaxing effect that smoothes expression lines and wrinkles. Skin is nourished, moisturized and protected against future damage with potent antioxidants. Applicator included with product. Usage: ...
  • $375
    More Details La Prairie
    Cellular Radiance Eye Cream, 0.5 oz.
    • Instantly smoothes, hydrates, and brightens.
    • Redefines, hydrates, and brightens delicate eye zone.
    • Diminishes wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.
    • Restores a firmed and lifted look.
    • Eyes relearn the secret of being young.
    15 mL/ 0.5 fl. oz.

  • $240
    More Details La Prairie Anti-Aging Stress Cream, 1.7 oz. Details An Herbal Complex, including the natural relaxant Valerian Root extract and other active plant extracts, helps block muscle contractions to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and expression lines. Helps improves skin's natural firmness and elasticity creating an overall lifted appearance. A natural mushroom complex boosts natural ...
  • $755
    More Details La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, 1.0 oz. DetailsLa Prairie's distillation of the rarefied powers and pleasures of Platinum into an extravagant anti-aging masterpiece is the most exciting advance in skin science of this decade. This skin-transforming formula that recharges the skin's electrical balance with pure Platinum to ensure ageless performance, protects the skin's DNA, and ...
  • $675
    More Details La Prairie
    Cellular Radiance Cream, 1.7 oz.
    • Skin is rejuvenated with plant estrogens.
    • Hydration is maximized with an advanced moisture complex.
    • Restored luminosity minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and age spots.
    • Radiance is restored with the enhanced reflective properties of skin itself.
    • 1.7 oz./ 50 mL jar.
  • $250
    More Details La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream, 0.68 oz. DetailsEyes are the most expressive part of the face and first to show signs of fatigue and stress. Smooth Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream under the eye from outer to inner corner to fight these first signs of aging. This lightweight eye cream helps erase dark circles, puffiness, dryness ...
  • $1165
    More Details La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, 1.7 oz. Details Pure Platinum inspires perfect balance to improve hydration, protection, and receptivity to nutrients. Exclusive Smart Crystals™ help guard skin's youthful appearance, actively reducing the effects of time resulting in the reduction of lines and wrinkles. Climate-activated hydration adjusts to changing humidity levels and ...